November December Newsletter

Recent Bulletin


Attendance                                      Last Sunday      Last Year

 9:30 a.m                                                    49                  35

11:00 a.m.                                                  33                  25

Online                                                          2

Nursing Home                                           14

TOTAL                                                        98                  60



This Week’s Calendar


Contemporary Worship and Sunday School               9:30 am                                       

Traditional Worship                                                      11:00 am

Methodist Youth Fellowship                                         5:30  pm


NOW                                                                                6:00 pm


Stephenville Nursing Home Service                             9:30 am


Acorn Kids/Methodist Youth Fellowship                     3:45 pm              

Pathways to God Prayer Group                                              6:00  pm


If you would like to have automatic contributions from your account for your convenience or to continue your church contributions even when you are away, there are forms on the slat wall. Please fill out and give form to Dee Cox. You may donate to the church on-line. Go to the web page, “” and click on the link at the bottom left hand of the Home page.