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Nora Koch and her Blessing Box

From The Flash Today Erath County

TALK ABOUT GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN (and women and children)!!!
NORA KOCH, a young woman in Erath County, told her parents she couldn't think of anything she needed or wanted for Christmas. So, she asked her family to help her build a "Blessings Box" for folks in need this year. TALK ABOUT COOL!!!
Her family came together and built this AWESOME Blessings Box and installed it at Oakdale United Methodist Church today. They filled it with canned goods and other non-perishables to get it started.
Nora wants folks to know, "If people need food, they can come and get what they need. If people want to donate food, they can leave it in the box. For Christmas, we just want people to donate non-perishable food items to fill it so others can have a good year, too."
WAY TO GO, NORA & HER FAMILY!!! We'll be sure to go drop some stuff